Crocker Science Fair

Nearly 70 scholars participated in the Lawrence D. Crocker Science Fair held on Thursday, May 10th. 

Scholars ranging from 1st grade to 8th grade transformed Crocker's cafeteria into an oasis of mind-boggling science experiments; and each spent time walking their peers and judges through their scientific process. 

Congratulations to the 2018 Lawerence D. Crocker College Prep Science Fair Winners:

  • 1st Place - Nathanial Minott (8th grade) - "Bread Mold"
  • 2nd Place - Brandi Felix (4th grade) - "Egg Toughness"
  • 3rd Place - Carolina Salinas (4th grade) - "Quick Sand"

Thank you to all our scholars, teachers, and Ms. Katie Murray (Crocker Science Instructional Manager) for your hard work and dedication. The 2018 Crocker Science Fair was a success because of you!!